childcare centre cleaning complete, a photo of the clean and tidy play space.

Childcare Centre Cleaning: More then just a tidy tray

At the end of the day, children may be asked to put their chairs atop their desk, it’s a daily task that provokes little afterthought. Most know that the act is a gesture to make their cleaners life easier, but that’s the start and end of the thought process. So what happens after hours on the centre’s grounds?

Childcare centre cleaning is often taken on face-value of simply tidying up after messy kids. Picking up rubbish, rearranging furniture, menial tasks that prevent the classrooms from slipping into a state of unruly despair.

Organised bookshelves and neatly arranged tables and chairs are a sign of a great educator. A clean floor and windows point to a dedicated cleaner.

The true task at hand is to minimise the germ and dust nasties from affecting the students and staff.

Surface Area

Arguably the biggest impact on the student’s and teacher’s health is the proliferation of germs. This is one of the most important areas of childcare centre cleaning. Kids generally aren’t the best at washing their hands before they eat, covering their mouths when they cough or resisting the urge to pick their nose. This means the childcare centre can become a flourishing petri dish in very little time.

A good cleaner will wipe down all the high traffic surfaces daily. A great cleaner will know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising.


Removes dirt and grime from the surface, the use of a professional-grade detergent can remove germs. But cleaning alone will not kill germs, or prevent their return.


Using specialised chemicals, a cleaner can kill germs on an already clean surface or object.


Sanitising works by combining the power of cleaning and disinfecting to reduce the presence of germs to below an industry and health standard.

With the vast majority of studies showing that the common flu can survive up to 48 hours outside the body.

Absenteeism of students or teachers can dramatically affect learning, your cleaner must be tackling high traffic surfaces correctly and regularly.

High Traffic Surfaces

Desks, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, hands-on learning items, faucet handles, drinking fountains, phones, and toys.

Safe Products

Daily use of chemicals on surfaces which as we know will be touched by hands that will inevitably, unconsciously, make their way to eyes and mouths means their composition must be the right one. There are many high strength chemicals around that whilst doing a great job can be incredibly harmful to bodies. A professional cleaner must utilise safe chemicals in a school environment.

NRE are experts in cleaning, know where and how often to tackle minor and major health hazards.

The chemicals used by our professional contract cleaners are of the highest efficacy and health standards. Ensuring the safety of your students, teachers and our staff.

Mighty Dusty Mites

As far as microorganisms go dust mites aren’t necessarily the most harmful. Nonetheless, their constant build up in carpets and hidden places will impact children’s health. Dust mites can wreak havoc on children’s airways. They are especially at risk when youth education often involves play-integrated-learning. Activity-based learning may involve a lot of running around, sitting and even rolling on the carpeted surface of a classroom. stirring up all the nasties.

Vacuuming doesn’t just tackle the visible paper trail of that day’s art class. It will remove dust mites before they have a chance to cause harm. Daily vacuuming is a must for the most basic of cleaning standards.

A great professional cleaner will tackle out of sight dust mite abodes. Getting in and behind bookshelves, wiping down fan blades and cleaning air vents regularly.

More than Just Cleaning

The decision of which profession cleaner to hire isn’t just a matter of which one has the best products. It is a matter of trust, who do you trust with keys to your classrooms, supply cupboards and staff rooms. What about the safety of your students? While childcare centre cleaning takes place after hours, many centres host after hours’ activities. Hiring a trustworthy cleaner with a criminal check is just good practice.

The NRE professional cleaning team always use the best products available, they are effective and safe. Backed by the Australian Commercial Cleaners Alliance, member of Building Services Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) and winner of the 2016, 17  Outstanding Cleaning Company Award, our service meets legal and safety requirements, both for our clients and our staff. Our team members undergo full police checks before employment and anyone working on a school ground must hold a blue card.

We are dedicated to the health and safety of your teachers and your students. So you can focus on the most important task at hand, teaching our leaders of the future.

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