Childcare Cleaning Brisbane Services: More than just a surface wipe-down

Operating a childcare centre comes with many challenges, first and foremost, the availability and retention of qualified early childhood educators. These educators are employed to teach and care for children, NOT to maintain the cleanliness of facilities. This is where we at NRE Cleaning come into play to offer specialised cleaning services tailored specifically for childcare centres.

The most visible signs of a day filled with active learning and play are dirty windows. Especially in the afternoons, eager children press their unwashed hands against the glass, while waiting for their parents. While educators make efforts to teach children the importance of cleanliness early on, it diverts from their primary focus of teaching.

At NRE Cleaning, we provide cleaning services that relieve your staff from the burden of cleaning tasks. We keep your childcare centre clean to enable your educators to concentrate on teaching, free from the distractions of cleaning responsibilities.

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Why are childcare cleaning services important?

Childcare cleaning services are extremely important, if nothing else, because it’s a requirement to uphold general OH&S standards. However, not only does having a thoroughly and visibly clean childcare facility mean a safe, welcoming, and hygienic environment, it ensures the best educational outcomes and growth experience parents can expect for their children.

Childcare centres bring children, parents, and staff together, creating a breeding ground for germs and illnesses. One sick person can lead to absenteeism among children and staff. Some of the effects of staff absenteeism include:

  • understaffing issues that disrupt teaching and general operations;
  • poor educational outcomes;
  • dissatisfied parents, and;
  • business and revenue loss.

What makes NRE Cleaning different?

At NRE Cleaning, our team of professional cleaners provides reliable cleaning using specialised equipment and products that outperform standard spray-and-wipes. A good cleaner cleans surfaces daily while a great cleaner knows the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising. These are distinct processes proven to reduce germs and enhance hygiene, each with its purpose and method:

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Cleaning involves removing dirt and grime from surfaces and objects using soap or detergent, along with water. While cleaning alone may not eradicate germs, it effectively eliminates them from surfaces, diminishing their presence and minimising the likelihood of spreading when these surfaces are touched.

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Disinfecting involves using chemicals to eradicate germs from surfaces and objects. By eliminating germs post-cleaning, the likelihood of infection transmission is significantly reduced. Disinfectants in cleaning solutions are generally more potent than sanitisers, capable of eradicating a broader spectrum of microorganisms.

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Sanitising diminishes the presence of germs on surfaces and objects to levels below industry and public health standards. It is typically gentler than disinfecting and focuses on reducing pathogens rather than complete eradication.

Getting rid of mighty dusty mites

When it comes to microorganisms, dust mites aren’t the most harmful. However, their constant buildup in carpets and hidden spaces can affect children’s health, leading to respiratory and dermatological allergies like eczema and asthma. Some symptoms include:

  • wheezing;
  • coughing;
  • breathlessness;
  • a tight feeling in the chest;
  • runny nose;
  • itchy nose;
  • itchy, watery eyes;
  • itchy skin, and;
  • skin rashes.

Classroom activities that involve significant movement and interaction on the carpet can stir up these allergens, presenting a potential risk.

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Our frequently asked questions

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We provide extensive cleaning services for childcare facilities, including regular deep cleaning and disinfection to maintain a hygienic environment for children, parents, and staff. Our meticulous cleaning protocols target high-traffic surfaces, toys, floors, and frequently overlooked areas such as behind bookshelves and air vents.

Maintaining a consistently clean environment in childcare facilities necessitates regular deep cleaning. The frequency of these cleanings may vary based on factors such as your child care centres’ size, the number of children, and your unique cleaning requirements. At NRE Cleaning, we can establish a cleaning program schedule to keep your childcare facility clean.

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