The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

How do you communicate with your office cleaning supplier?

How we used to communicate

Many people when they first engage an office cleaning service have reservations. First and foremost, of these is how do you communicate with your office cleaning supplier?

Will they turn up when they say they will? Will they perform the agreed tasks? Who are the people who are actually carrying out the cleaning?

In the past, these legitimate questions were answered with a sign-in book. Placed somewhere in the building that the cleaner would sign as they arrived and left. Or maybe a supervisor who would turn up each week to check on the standard of the work.

Today thankfully with new technologies we can give greater and immediate ways to communicate with your office cleaning supplier. We find this technology gives greater assurance to our cleaning clients, that we’ll be accountable at all times.

freshOps – our powerful communication tool

freshOps is a software system that we use to track staff and task completion whilst on a client’s premises. It can also be used to communicate with the client if any issues or extra tasks are required.

– Tags are placed at the entrance to a building and staff ‘tap on’ with their phones.ways to communicate with your office cleaning supplier
This then logs when they have arrived and gives them the task list for the building. They then follow this task list, which even includes videos or step-by-step instructions on how to complete their assignments.
– The cleaning of the premises is then completed.
Upon completion of each task, the app requires that the cleaner highlights a tick box. And fill in a comments section which records such things as how the job went if they need extra consumables with any extra tasks they may have completed or even reasons for going overtime on the job.
– Once this has been completed, they ‘tap off’ at the tag.

The exciting bit – what our clients can access

The exciting bit for our clients is that they can access all this information through a client’s portal.
Through this portal, they can see which cleaners were on their premises, when they arrived and left and what tasks they completed.
If they happen to have a problem or a task got missed, they can check in the system and see if these tasks were highlighted as completed. If for example, it hasn’t been, they can look in the comments section and see the reason why not. OR they can quickly communicate to us the problem, which we can speedily remedy.

One of the cool things about it is is that all this accountability can also be carried out in real-time. Which cannot make it an any quicker way of communicating, unless they were stood on-site watching the tasks being completed?
And no one wants to mess up their evening watching the cleaners work.

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