Five Forgotten Spots to Clean in Your Office

In the last few year’s employers have started placing more and more emphasis on their office environments. The use of space, lighting and tidiness have all proven to impact worker productivity, overall wellbeing and ultimately the business’ bottom line. However, what about the direct health impacts? Is your commercial cleaner’s efficacy impacting your employee’s health?

Cleanliness more than just a matter of keeping things neat and tidy. It is more than a good impression on the clients walking through the door. This will all be a bi-product of a good commercial cleaner.

Commercial cleaners are at the end of the day professionals. Their job is to tackle the finer details, get to the hard-to-reach places, and forgotten spots that harbour bacteria.

So, if your office appears tidy, how do you tell the difference between an adequate tidy-up and an excellent through clean?

The reality is the naked eye probably can’t. Professional equipment, on the other hand, can. Professional cleaners can utilise ATP count testing. ATP or adenosine triphosphate counts essentially quantify a number of living bacteria on a surface.

We all know bacteria spreads like wildfire and can lead to poor health.

Hiring a comprehensive cleaning service will help tackle employee health. Positively influencing your bottom line.

So, where do these little nasties lie?

Here is our list of the most commonly forgotten spots that harbour bacteria:

Door Knobs

Door knobs are high-touch, high traffic surfaces making them the perfect home for germs. As such a common-use item there is no reason for anyone to think twice about touching the door and then their food or face. Your professional cleaner on the other hand, most certainly should. When you meet with your commercial cleaning company make sure you ask about this sneaky spot.


Photocopiers, printers, phones and communal computers are high-touch surfaces that are almost always overlooked when cleaning.

The NRE team are acutely aware of the proximity of a phone to your face!

Don’t let your electronics become a hang-out zone for germs.

Fridge, Microwave and Cupboard Handles

Another high traffic area, only this time the kitchen has the added ick-factor of being the place where we make our food! We (hopefully) always manage to keep the internals of the things that house/cook our food fairly clean. Alas, what about the poor handles on the outside? Chances are our hands will go from handle to food, to mouth. Keep that chain of events as clean as you can by ensuring your cleaning team tackles it with disinfectant every day.

Under the Rugs

Chances are your office has a carpeted floor. While most professional office cleaning services will have the equipment and work ethic to vacuum daily, do they get under the feature rugs too? The fact of the matter is that a good portion of dirt that lands on that rug will end up on the underlying surface.

Cleaners need to take a few extra minutes to lift up the rugs and get that hidden spot.

This will improve cleanliness and make sure no long term stains appear on your carpet.

Chairs and Tables

Table tops are a fairly standard cleaning job – if your existing cleaning service is not cleaning your table surfaces then you might need to start looking for a new one. However, the undersurface of a table and chairs can get a bit funky over time. They are a big dust magnet, a breeding ground for cobwebs. They do not have to go high on the priorities list, but it a standard level of cleanliness should be maintained.


The clients of NRE cleaning services can rest assured that we use the latest systems to ensure a clean and healthy work environment. Backed by the Australian Commercial Cleaners Alliance, member of Building Services Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) and winner of the 2016 Outstanding Cleaning Company Award, our service meets legal and safety requirements, both for our clients and our staff.

Keep your business clean. Book NRE today.

Leave your office or commercial building in our hands. The NRE Cleaning team will keep it healthy and spotless – it’s what we do best.