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Hiring a commercial cleaner: everything you should know before saying yes

If you have found yourself looking around your space – whether it be an office, school, or warehouse – and cleanliness if falling to the wayside, it might be time to consider hiring a professional cleaner.

It is a common story we hear of small companies often trying to reduce costs and attempt to clean themselves. Alternatively, some rush into the process and don’t check off some key criteria when hiring someone.

Currently, in the market, there are plenty of commercial cleaners to choose from so you want to select someone that can guarantee you quality results, ideally for an excellent price.

So, if hiring a commercial cleaner is on your to-do list, and you’re unsure what to look out for – follow this, and you should be on track.

It starts with experience.

One of the most important points that we stress at NRE Maintenance is to look at how long the company has been in the business and where they have worked before.

While this is a key point, we aren’t of the mind not to employ just because they are new. Everybody has to start from scratch – we did!

However, employing a company that has many years of experience it is likely they will have come into contact with all forms of circumstances. Whether it’s cleaning something that looks like it has been desolate for a decade or more specialised locations, such as a church, they have seen and cleaned it all.

At NRE Maintenance, our founder has combined experience of a decade in the corporate world, plus working behind the scenes of a cleaning business in the UK. With these two colliding into his current business, he can provide clients with quality cleaning services with excellent customer service.

Value for money.

Yes, we know it may sound simple.

Value for money is a term thrown away all the time but within the cleaning industry how are you meant to know what a good price is.

Firstly, receive quotes from a number of companies in the industry to understand what the general price range is.

After that, receive a list of everything that quote includes. Some companies will only quote for certain services, such as vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, but that may not include other necessary services, such as mopping, wiping services, or carpet cleaning. On top of this, the quote may only be for periodic cleaning, so vacuuming once a week but bathroom cleaning once a month.

These are the types of details that you want to follow up on and be able to compare quotes that are provided effectively.

In some cases, companies may not provide certain services, and it means people end up hiring a number of places for different jobs.

Their product is top of the range.

You want the assurance the company you employ is using premium products that will remove any hidden stains or bacteria.

At NRE Maintenance, in addition to using excellent products, we have implemented the FreshOps technology in systems. While this may not mean a lot to you, it does reap great benefits to your company.

Essentially, the program manages the duties allocation and scheduling of staff to ensure that all required tasks are completed. All the information stored on the system is automatically uploaded onto a cloud-based system that you, as the client, have access to.

This access facilitates a progressive two-way communication system between ourselves and the client, so they update us on any issues they are having or extra services they wish.

Exceeding standards, every day.

When you sign the agreement with a commercial cleaner, they promise to uphold a certain number of standards.

What is incredibly beneficial is when the standards are prescribed by external, professional bodies that you can keep track of.

An example of this is ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Association. Their standards allow clients of commercial cleaners to assess how effective their cleaners are objectively.
We carry out all our duties following these industry standards, to ensure we are leading the field in best practice.
These are just a few of the key notes you should keep an eye on when looking to hire commercial cleaners. If you have any further questions or want to follow-up on our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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