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When it comes to office cleaning there is a whole array of different cleans on offer.

Some people want their desks wiped, others don’t want their desks touched in case the paperwork is moved from its strict position.

Some need the bins emptied, others don’t. Some offices want rubbish around the bins removed, while in the office next door, that’s not on the list.

I know of a team who threw away a laptop that was left on top of the bin. They spent a great deal of time going through their skip to find it again. Who puts a laptop on top of a bin!!!!

The other options people need to consider are which days should the cleaning take place? For us, Tuesday and Friday the most popular days. We prefer to carry out our cleaning out of hours. This eliminates problems from vacuum noise, interaction with staff seated at desks, and safety issues when mopping floors.

You’ve also got to decide how frequently your office should be cleaned.

Fortnightly cleaning

This is suitable for smaller premises, say five staff a small kitchen and a single toilet. There may be some foot traffic from visitors but not too much. One advantage of this cleaning is if the numbers in the office grew, or foot traffic increased the staff  could keep on top of any extra cleaning requirements until it’s deemed necessary to increase to weekly cleaning.

Weekly cleaning

As staffing numbers increase then weekly cleaning is an option. Most clients like to do this either on Monday mornings to ensure the office is ready for the week or Friday evenings to make sure nothing is hanging round over the weekends (smelly kitchen bins you’re the number one culprit!). As cleans are completed more regularly the office stays neater and more hygienic and often more jobs can be carried out during the time the cleaners are in the building.

Per clean the cost is usually slightly less than the equivalent fortnightly clean as dirt and dust don’t accumulate.

Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning can be as the name suggests, every day or could be multiple cleans per week. We generally clean every day on larger sites, where the number of staff means that the premises can get quite dirty, or, sites, where a greater emphasis is placed on sanitising or disinfecting.  Most places can get away with multiple day cleaning, ie – two or three days/week. The popular times for these are Tuesday and Friday, or Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Both of these clean periods can ensure that these sites are kept clean and free from dirt and any bugs that commonly spread through the staff. These regular cleanse are a similar price to the weekly cleans and are the best result for maintaining cleanliness, good health and general wellbeing in the office.

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