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Reducing office sickness

Reducing sickness in the office is often required at this time of year. The cold weather arrives, and the dreaded lurgies (any undetermined illness -Collins English Dictionary) hit.

As we carry out our office cleaning in Brisbane, many of the offices we clean start to experience staffing issues because of illnesses.

In a 2015 study this absenteeism is said to cost the Australian economy $33 Billion a year.

So what can we do to help reduce this cost, and help create a healthier workplace?

Here are 4 easy tips to help keep the office free from the germs that will reduce your productivity.

1. Office cleaning, it works.

Often as a commercial cleaning company, we get called after the event.

reducing office sickness
dirty nappy on desk

The office has come down with illnesses and we are called in to disinfect the workstations. But often prevention is a better cure.

Keeping the workstations wiped down, daily, using a good quality spray and wipe and a cleaning cloth that is laundered or replaced each wipe is a great start. And don’t leave dirty nappies lying on a desk!

Especially keyboards and phones, an area that catches all the coughs and sneezes as we carry out our daily tasks.

There are alternatives to the of the shelf products. White vinegar (with a squirt of lemon juice) can be used to keep those germs down. As can vodka, especially 100 proof, which also serves as a great germ killer or a party starter if the boss is off sick.

If things get too bad, most commercial cleaning companies can be called in to do a disinfect of the office. They will often carry this out using hospital grade disinfectants. These are the sort of chemicals used to keep a hospital as free as possible from harmful bacteria’s and germs.

2. The dirtiest thing in the office

reducing office sickness
dirty sink and dishcloth

Earlier I mentioned that the cloth used for wiping the desks should be thrown away or laundered when used.

One of the dirtiest things in the office is the office kitchen dishcloth/scrubber/desk wiping cloth or even the tea towel.

This is because they are often never cleaned but used for a multitude of activities. From wiping your ‘clean’ dishes, wiping your desk or drying someone’s hands after they have touched…..well you don’t want to know.

My advice would be to clean or dispose of these cloths on a daily, for a large office or weekly for a smaller place. But once it starts growing legs and walking out throw it away!!!!!!


3. Mums advice is best

Wash your hands, your mum has been saying this for a thousand years. But it is excellent advice. Sickness in the office can be dramatically reduced just by washing your hands frequently and properly.

Even the government gives advice on why and how to wash your hands. But it is still amazing how many don’t. This is easily one of the easiest ways to prevent sickness in the office.

As is not coughing and sneezing over everything and everyone in the workplace. If you do need to get rid of the mucus in your throat or you feel a sternutation (sneeze) coming on. Cover your mouth or nose with your elbow or a tissue.

And when completed disinfect your hands with a good alcohol sterilizer. Maybe the vodka will work?

4. Stay at home!

I know we are trying to keep you at a healthy and clean office. But if you are sick, then one of the best things to do is stay at home.

There is nothing worse than Marg from accounting coming in sneezing and coughing over everyone, because before long like wildfire the rest of the office is falling like ninepins.

If you are sick, sharing is most certainly not caring.


Hopefully, these tips, along with regular office cleaning will help keep your office a healthier and sick free environment.


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