How to remove soap scum from shower screens

How do you remove soap scum from shower screens?

This is a question that I found is asked more than most

Now I know there are many different ways and I have not tried them all, I am a simple person and will use the one that works for me, even if someone tells me they have a better way. I suppose that is my sceptical nature coming out.

If you look on the internet there are lots of methods, mainly involving vinegar and bicarb of soda. If you punch in soap scum into Pintrest, you get 1000+ hits. A lot of these methods have the tag line ‘No Scrubbing’. As of yet I have yet to come across something that needs cleaning that does not involve at least a bit of scrubbing, or at the very least some wiping.

The only time I found no scrubbing to be the case was when using very strong acidhound dogs…. but then they ate away at what I was supposed to be cleaning and left nothing to scrub (luckily I was testing out a method I didn’t use)
So to answer the question of how do you remove soap scum from showers, is by using a product called Hound Dog Hard Water Stain Remover. Hound Dog is a powder that is applied to the stained area, scrubbed in and then removed by normal washing. The powder contains sulfamic acid (funnily my research has come across that sulfamic acid is a precursor to many of the sweeteners we use), which when mixed with the water and a little scrubbing works wonders.

How to use Hound Dog

1. I clean the area with a window washer/scrubber and squeegee off. (clean cloths would be ok if you haven’t the window cleaning equipment)
2. I then re-wet the area
3. Using a red scourer I apply the Hound Dog, using circular motions covering the whole area
4. I then allow to settle, (Do not allow it to dry out)
5. Wash off the same as step 1 and the windows should be sparkling clean, if not just redo the steps again)

Don’t forget

The two important things to remember are….

1. You will need to scrub with the scourer


2. Never let it dry.
Hound Dog can be found at most cleaning supply stores (you can even buy it in 25kg tubs, if your shower is particularly bad).

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