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The cleaner eating out in Fortitude Valley

This months food blog, of which I have titled The cleaner eating out in Fortitude Valley brings us to Tipplers Tap, on James Street in Fortitude Valley. Once again I have my trusty sidekick Dorothy, and today we will be visiting at breakfast time.

The problem….This place has some awesome beers on tap. From local brewers like Newstead Brewing Company and The Catchment Brewing Company to international brews, that I avoid (go Local at all times). But because this was a breakfast date….I mean meeting, it was coffee or soft drink all the way


We seated ourselves in the window, great for people watching and spent time browsing the one-page breakfast menu. This is another interesting menu, without being too pretentious and offers the usual fair of breakfast Reuben, eggs (cooked any way you like), and waffles.

But these are no ordinary waffles, they are waffles with Cajun coated chicken and maple syrup. Now normally I like waffles with bacon, maple syrup and ice cream, but I was happy to venture in a new direction.

Counter order is the rule of the day, so off we went and ordered, along with our coffees (no beer!!!)

The food

The coffees arrived first, not too bad. About the same as every other coffee shop, café or restaurant seems to produce. I am sure it was the site of all the great beers that had my taste buds flowing in the wrong direction, only to be arrested by the underwhelming taste of a flat white.

After the coffwaffles and chicken in fortitude valleyee, Dorothy’s meal arrived. The breakfast Rueben, and he smashed it down. Just the right size (he had contemplated ordering two), and with the correct ratio of meat and pickle.

My meal, on the other hand, could be spied sitting on the counter, and with every bite of Dorothy’s meal I was getting close to jumping up and grabbing it myself.

It did eventually arrive, albeit a little cooler that would have been preferred. But waffles, syrup and chicken, I would have eaten at any temperature.

The meal, although sounding and looking strange, was a delight. The waffles were cooked great, the chicken was crispy on the outside and still moist in the middle and the sweetness of the syrup topped everything off well.

There was so much ( four large pieces) that I couldn’t eat it all and had to pass some over to my eating partner who devoured it with gusto.

Another coffee washed everything down. And the bill wasn’t bad either….Dorothy paid


Seating was great as there was only the early morning coffee, breakfast consumers in. I suspect later in the day it gets a lot busier. It was clean, and the staff were helpful, although maybe a few more would ensure that people eating together got their meals at the same time.

The food was great, decent amount and really enjoyable. Good prices and choice as well

breakfast reuben in fortitude valley


I will certainly be returning when it isn’t breakfast time to sample some of the great beers on offer.

But as someone once said ‘its five o’clock somewhere’, so maybe beer and breakfast is a thing??


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