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NRE Cleaning is the commercial cleaning team that businesses across Brisbane and Ipswich depend on. We’re reliable, efficient, and down-right excellent cleaners.
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Keeping your business clean is simple with our Fresh Ops app

With our FreshOps app, you can effortlessly arrange cleaning schedules tailored to your business’s needs and specify any recurring tasks. Not only can you track when our cleaning team has serviced your premises, but you also have the convenience of direct communication with your cleaners.

Opt for FreshOps and experience enhanced reliability, unmatched transparency, and guaranteed accountability in your cleaning services.

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Why clean with NRE Cleaning?

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In business since 2015

Founded in 2015, we’ve consistently offered exemplary cleaning solutions and steadfast reliability. Since our inception, our commitment to cleanliness has been unwavering, evidenced by the fact that in all our time of being operational, we haven’t missed a single cleaning appointment.

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Enjoy a clean working environment

Experience pristine surroundings without lifting a finger! The best part of our scheduled commercial cleaning services isn’t just the cleaning itself, but the elevated standard of cleanliness afterwards that becomes the new normal for you and your team.

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No subcontracted workers

At NRE Cleaning, we directly employ our dedicated team members instead of relying on subcontractors. This direct employment approach not only gives our staff a stable work environment, but also enhances their commitment, leading to unmatched reliability in the services we deliver.

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24/7 App Support

Our specialised app, FreshOps, offers you round-the-clock support and transparency. With it, you can conveniently monitor when we’ve been to your premises and review the detailed list of tasks we’ve accomplished. This proactive transparency ensures our team remains wholly accountable to you at all times.

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Family owned and operated

Unlike expansive cleaning organisations with several branches and vast teams, we take pride in being a close-knit, family-owned enterprise. This structure ensures we maintain a hands-on approach, giving meticulous attention to the quality of service we perform for you.

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Never missed a visit

Our impeccable track record speaks for itself. Owing to our dedicated professionals and the efficiency of our FreshOps app, we stand tall with the claim that we’ve never missed a single scheduled commercial cleaning appointment.

Here's how to get started

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The first step on your way to a cleaner business is to get in touch with our team.

Book site visit

We’ll schedule a site visit, to see the space we’re cleaning and learn about your requirements.

Written proposal

You’ll receive a written proposal, detailing each period’s deliverables and a cost estimate.

Get started

Rely on the NRE Cleaning team to show up when we say we will and exceed your expectations.

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The family owned and run cleaning business Brisbane & Ipswich count on

NRE Cleaning is a family owned business and a long-standing ambition of our owner, Rod. Rod had been working as a cleaner for a few years and already knew how to exceed expectations on the job. He realised that most cleaning companies lacked accountability and good communication, disappointing their clients time and time again.

Rod set out to be the difference. Today, NRE Cleaning stays accountable to you through a real-time app – keeping us on the same page with your cleaning schedule.

We keep our environmental impact in mind

At NRE Cleaning, our commitment goes beyond providing you with exceptional deep clean services — it extends to protecting our environment as well. We recognise the responsibility businesses have to keeping Earth healthy, which is what drives our dedication to use sustainable practices.

By using eco-friendly commercial cleaning products, we ensure that each clean is not only thorough but safe for your environment. These products are meticulously chosen for their efficacy, ensuring they deliver top-notch results without compromising the safety of our planet. Through these sustainable efforts, we aim to leave a lasting, positive impact on both our clients and the Earth.

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Professional female cleaners cleaning the desks in an office with computers.

We ensure the safety of both our client commercial businesses and employees

At the heart of NRE Cleaning’s core values lies an unwavering emphasis on safety. We recognise the significance of perfect health in the workplace, and we invest heavily in training our team to be well-versed with all pertinent safety regulations and guidelines. From soapy buckets to pressure washing, our rigorous training sessions equip our staff with the knowledge and skills to handle any situation with the utmost caution, ensuring that they, as well as the spaces they clean, remain hazard-free.

This extensive preparation not only bolsters the quality of our services, but also solidifies our promise to prioritise your well-being and that of our dedicated team. With NRE Cleaning, you’re not just hiring cleaners — you’re partnering with trained professionals who put safety first.

NRE Cleaning's tips & hacks for a cleaner workspace

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Our professional cleaners are some of the best around

With NRE Cleaning, we’re the best at providing all your commercial cleaning solutions. Our team is not just composed of cleaners but seasoned professionals, each bringing years of expertise to the table. Their vast experience ensures that businesses across Brisbane and Ipswich receive the most thorough deep cleaning possible, to ensure the spaces you use look as new as the day you moved in.

Our depth of knowledge, combined with our unwavering commitment to ensure you receive the best professional cleaning service around, allows us to consistently offer next-level facility cleaning maintenance, just for you.

With our commercial cleaning, companies thrive. Book today.

We know you and your staff have busy lives. With NRE Cleaning, you can leave your commercial business building or office in our hands, and rest assured that by the time we’re done your space look spotless and feel revitalised.

Making your space shine is what we do best. We’re just a phone call away.