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The origin of NRE Cleaning

In 2015, Rod Abbott decided to take the plunge and begin his cleaning business and with a  name that was taken from the initials of his three children, NRE Maintenance was founded . This fulfilled a lifetime goals of his to establish his own highly effective cleaning company. 

Fast forward a couple of years and Rod had changed the name to NRE Cleaning Services, so as to better reflect the core of the business and its offerings. NRE Cleaning specialises in office cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, medical centre cleaning and commercial cleaning – so a name change was required to better describe the broad range of high quality services offered.

Bringing about much-needed change in the cleaning industry

Before the creation of NRE Cleaning, Rod had observed that many people were unsatisfied with their current cleaning companies – particularly around the issues of accountability and communication. Rod looked at these problems and began to develop a plan for an effective and successful cleaning organisation – one that was intentionally designed to leave customers happy with a significantly improved system of operation that allowed for increased transparency. 

That’s how Rod began implementing the latest communication and accountability tools that were available to completely reshape how people viewed their cleaning providers.

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What’s in a name?

You probably wouldn’t suspect it, but NRE Cleaning isn’t just a random bunch of letters chosen to be a name – it’s actually the combined initials of Rod’s three boys, Noah, Reuben and Elijah. Not only are their names an integral part of NRE Cleaning, but they’ve helped out with creating many different elements of the business. For example, Reuben helped with creating and designing the logo, Elijah came up with the memorable colour schemes and Noah currently works in the business as a cleaning technician.

Family-owned business designed to be the best in the business

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The whole Abbott family is involved in the business, and their desire to deliver an exceptional level of service and care is seen throughout every aspect of the business. From the initial contact, to the regular cleaning jobs, they clearly have a high level of customer service and attention to detail. It was, and continues to be, the driving force behind NRE Cleaning Services service offerings.

A cleaning business you’ll be proud to choose

From humble beginnings when NRE secured their first office clean – an incredibly exciting step – to currently cleaning many different sites, NRE Cleaning has continued to grow and thrive as a business. They are proud to be continuing in the tradition of delivering exceptional cleaning services across a range of businesses for the Ipswich and Brisbane area.

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What our customers say!

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