Outdoor cleaning

NRE Cleaning also runs an outdoor cleaning company called NRE Maintenance. Under this banner we can carryout various outdoor jobs to keep your property clean, from high level window washing, pressure washing and floor scrubbing to removal of overgrown lawns and paddocks and even tree trimming and removal.

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slashing and mowing overgrown grass
Tall grass mowing

With its extensive range of machinery NRE Maintenance can, mowing, whipper-snipping, and slashing of tall or overgrown areas of your property, including when slashing is required to steep or awkward slopes.

Window washing

With our pole fed water system we can wash and clean high level windows and signs using resin cleaned water, or if required one of our staff can assist in lower level window cleaning.

washing windows using water fed pole system
window washing

Tree removal

NRE Maintenance can also trim or remove trees, using climbing or ground level cutting methods. Safety is of paramount importance at all times and using a professional removal company removes the  need to ‘have-a-go’ yourself and ending in possible disaster

climbing trees to remove limbs
tree removal

Pressure washing

Pressure washing of dirty floors, keeps them looking great and safe for all to walk on. NRE Maintenance has the ability to pressure wash both large and small areas.

Floor scrubbing

If your floor needs a scrub, or your tiles are a little dirty NRE are happy to help out with a variety of hard floor cleaning machines

workshop floor scrubbing
floor scrubbing services
internal floor scrubbing equipment
internal floor scrubbing