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3 of the best reasons to employ a professional Office Cleaning team

We’ve seen unprecedented changes in the world over the past few months and unless you have been living under a rock, you will have been affected one way or another.
Whether it’s a need to wear masks in the office,  signing in and out of buildings, or missing out on long-overdue holidays to see family abroad (personal rant!!), the Covid-19 pandemic has touched us all.

It has bought some interesting positives to the fore though. The conversation around personal hygiene, and the need to wash and disinfect hands more readily, will have additional health benefits. Social distancing as a way to avoid passing on many germs is also a small bit of proof that positives have come out of this difficult situation.

But one of the biggest changes in the business sector has been the need to work from home. Some people have enjoyed this and will probably continue in the future, many though may be excited about a return to the office, or simply can’t work from home. No matter what choices you and your staff have made, you need to be office ready in a new normal where cleanliness is essential for your team’s wellbeing..

So, as offices start to return to the new social distanced norms, and staff start back, here are three  reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner or cleaning team.

  1. Health and safety
    One of the biggest causes of the spread of covid has been the lack of hygiene in buildings, causing the germ to spread more easily. Therefore there is such a big rise in the use of hand sanitisers to kill the germ that covid rides on the back of, or wipes for surface cleaning.
    By hiring a professional cleaning company you will be comforted that they are using the very latest chemicals developed in the battle against covid, to wipe surfaces and the many touch points that are around the office.
    Cleaning of dust and vacuuming also helps in the battle against sickness.
  2. Staff assurance
    For staff coming back into the work space from their home offices, assurance that their work stations are clean and as safe as possible is something that will be at the top of most peoples priorities. Studies have shown when staff work in a clean and safer work environment, they are less anxious and stress levels are lowered, and the upside is productivity is improved. Working together with your cleaning provider can certainly help in more than just a clean and tidy office
  3. It’s not their job
    Unless you’re a cleaning business like NRE, your staff are NOT cleaners. Their job is to be as profitable and efficient in their work, to build your business. Any staff member spending time on emptying bins, wiping down desks and touchpoints is wasting their valuable time in your business, and, possibly, feeling undervalued.

Hire a cleaner, ensure your office is truly taken care of in a professional and thorough way and take a load off your staff. As cleaners, we’re happier, more knowledgeable, more efficient and better equipped to clean and keep your office safe.

Looking for a professional clean team, dedicated to keeping your office space spotless and healthy? NRE is the team for you. Our business is cleaning so you can get on with your business.
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