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Office cleaning: 5 tips to keep your office clean 

Office cleaning is a necessary yet undesirable task for many busy employees. Unfortunately, by the time that the need for a good office cleaning is recognised, the mess has become so large that it is almost unmanageable. So here are our five top tips to keep your office clean, which will reduce stress and decrease hours of work when it comes to office cleaning.

De-cluttered desks

Everyone likes a bit of decoration on their desks, whether it’s pictures of loved ones, time management tools, plants (succulents are popular at the moment), a fan, all these items help to personalise their workspace. It is nice to have a workspace that feels like your own, however, you should evaluate how much you have on your desk. If you have everything on the aforementioned list is currently on your desk, you might have too much.
The quickest and easiest way to keep your office space clean is to limit the number of pictures/clutter/technology/waste/paper on your desk. Also, by encouraging everyone in the office to have de-cluttered desks, the amount of office dust will be reduced, as dust won’t be settling on the clutter anymore. Remember, dust is not a protective cover! Albert Einstein is purported to have said: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” …but a clean desk is a lot more of an enjoyable environment to work in and a lot easier to clean!

Clean your electronics

Now you’ve de-cluttered your desk, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your desk. The dirtiest part of most desks are the keyboards and computers. Dust settles on keyboards overnight, during lunch food is spilt on your desk whilst you eat at your computer, general oils from your fingers transfer to the keyboard as you type. There are lots of sources of dirt and grim that coat your electronics. Luckily, there is an easy fix. Every day when you enter the office, key your keyboard and computer monitor. You can buy special products for this and it’s very important that it is done regularly. Cleaning your electronics will remove the dust and grime, as well as germs, to make your workspace feel clean and fresh.

Bin liners are essential

With the popularity of coffee in today’s society, many office employees will come to work with a coffee or have one during the day. To keep office bins free of stains and spills, the use of bin liners is essential. This means when the next employee disposes of their half empty cold coffee, the splatter in the bin will stay within the liner, and not cause a huge mess! Bin liners will also help contain any smells that accumulate during the day from staff food scraps.

Empty bins

Another cleaning problem area in the office is the food scraps, plastic food containers, tins etc. that are left in bins (well actually the worst is nappies…luckily we don’t see these nearly as often in office bins). These food scraps and dirty containers are not only unpleasant to be confronted with when starting a new day but also become one of the main sources of bad smells. Keep in mind that bananas, for some reason, can be particularly powerful, along with tinned fish products. Therefore, it is essential to empty all bins of food scraps each and every night in order to prevent odour problems.

Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Finally, individuals who simply do not have enough hours in the day to maintain a clean office may want to consider hiring an office cleaning service. Office cleaning services can often be hired on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and may charge by the hour or day. Here at NRE Maintenance we can tailor our service to whatever requirements the client wants. So if you are looking for a more enjoyable and cleaner work environment, give us a call to receive a quote.

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