An alternative to wet carpets when carpet cleaning

pre-vacuuming and cleaning
dirty carpets

Carpet cleaning – whats the alternative to steam cleaning?

Dry Fusion

This is a best of both worlds carpet cleaning system. A low moisture cleaning system that also dry’s the carpets as you go. It combines the benefits of the hot steam system with the low temperature agitation system

3 stage process

The systems basic 3 stages

  1. The most important factor when carpet cleaning, even with Dry Fusion, that should never be overlooked is the pre-vacuuming of the carpet. Here 80% of dirt is removed, even before the machine is applied to the carpets.
  2. An activator is sprayed onto the carpet and left to do its magic. This loosens the dirt and adds the chemical to help protect the carpet into the future
  3. The machine is then passed over the carpet and the pads as they are rotated pick up the dirt. At the same time the heat provided enables the carpet to dry quickly and locks in the protective shield that gives the fibres their non-stick ability, long after the carpet has been cleaned.


Some of the advantages of this kind of machine.

The carpet has heat passed over it, enabling the carpet to be walked on virtually immediately after cleaning, no long waits for the carpet to dry out

All the chemicals used are bio degradable, so kind on the environment, and smell good, ideal for those with sensitive noses or bronchial problems.

carpets cleaned after vacuuming and machine passes
dry fusion machine

Coffee breaks

Another bonus we have found, is that the machine is quiet whilst in operation, enabling work in the office to carry on unabated as the carpet cleaning is carried out around them…. worst case scenario is asking for people to move their chairs for the few minutes the cleaning is being carried out. Great excuse for a coffee break, so wins all round

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