Employees wearing Santa hats raise a toast with their champagne glass flutes at the office Christmas party.

Christmas after-party: how to keep it clean

Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes an endless list of jobs, commitments and of course, festive fun! No matter your situation, most people have some sort of responsibility organising a Christmas function. Maybe you’re a business owner organising a work Christmas party in the office or you are a venue owner hosting a Christmas function. No matter your Christmas responsibility, here are some tips to minimise the mess after your Christmas function.

Host Venue of a Christmas Function

  • If you are a bar, restaurant or general venue owner, then you’ll know that hosting Christmas parties can result in needing a massive clean-up. Whilst, you have dedicated employees, they aren’t cleaning professionals. It will take them twice as long as a cleaning professional to get the same result. Also, you may not have the right products to provide them with to get that truly polished finish. Hiring a cleaning service for after big parties can be the most economical option. You could even ask your client, the party organisers, to provide you with a professional cleaner.
  • Decorate the venue yourself. You could even ask your client to provide you with decorations. By you and your staff decorating, it will be done carefully with no damage. This will prevent: tape on walls pulling off paint, chips in paint and plaster where a tree was put up really roughly, smashed baubles sending glass/plastic everywhere etc.
  • Remember some decorations are easier to clean up than others. Stay away from glitter or that tinsel stuff that’s little strands attached to a band that gets ripped off to use, it’s a nightmare to clean up.

Christmas Work Parties

A notable part of the festive season and the annual work social calendar is the work Christmas party. These days, Christmas parties are not just for corporate employees. All companies, no matter the industry, hold some sort of Christmas party for their employees. This is all well and good for employees, but for those organising the party, a lot of time is spent planning, preparing and cleaning both before and afterwards.

Not all budgets can afford a fancy restaurant, luxury retreat or even venue hire. Perhaps you’ve got a cool office space and want to decorate it and celebrate your Christmas party there. After all, the less you spend on venue hire, the more you can spend on booze for the big night. If you are deciding to host your work Christmas party in the office, here are some helpful tips to make the event the cleanest one possible.

  • Have bins for ‘empties’. Having the guests put their empty bottles and cans into bins as the night progresses, will avoid half empty bottles from spilling or smashing. This also means the recycling is already done for you.
  • Keep the guests away from the carpet. Where possible, this will avoid any unfortunate red wine on carpet situations. You could also roll out strips of carpet or fabric to protect the carpet underneath. Some offices even hire some flooring to lay down over there carpet for the evening.
  • Hire professional cleaners. None of your employees will want to do the dirty work and after the work you put into organising and running the event, neither should you. Professional cleaners will make sure the office is left spotless. All evidence of the great night will be erased from the office, which is exactly how it should be. With no stains, smells, or smudges left behind.

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