A sofa cluttered and covered in stuff


furnitureMany people dread cleaning, or spend all their spare time keeping their houses clean.


The consumer culture we live in, does not help us with our cleaning tasks. Adverts everywhere are constantly telling us we cannot live with the next tool, clothes, house car etc and to complete our lives we need to purchase______item (add word as necessary). Following this trend what we create is clutter, in fact a whole industry has sprung up around how we manage clutter, a certain big blue with yellow writing building will sell you amazing storage solutions just so you can store more things that you don’t really need.

This then affects how we have to clean, more stuff, bigger things mean more cleaning.

To keep a house clean with minimal effort, the guiding rule is to simplify as much as possible. The less you have, the less you have to keep clean and put away. Some examples:

  • An uncluttered room, with only furniture on the floor, is extremely easy to clean. But if you have all kinds of stuff in the room, you double or triple your cleaning time (or worse).
  • Fewer clothes means you have fewer things to put away and to wash. Sure, if you have lots of clothes, you can go longer without having to wash, letting the clothes pile up into a huge Fuji-like mountain. But who wants to face that mountain when you run out of clothes to wear?
  • Fewer things on your kitchen counter means cleaning the counter is a snap – just give it a quick wipe with a washcloth and you’re done. No straightening things out, cleaning in between or under things, putting things away.

So the first step in a minimalist cleaning routine is the hardest: declutter as much as possible, so that you only have the things you use often and love to death, and no more.

Hopefully these small steps can be the first steps into how you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life’s experiences

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