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Family cleaning business

 What is NRE?

When out and about or attending networking events, people ask me, who or what is NRE Cleaning Services. Is it a franchise, or a large business or a family business? Part of that question is easy to answer, and part a little more complicated.

First the easy part

NRE Cleaning Services is a quality commercial cleaning company, servicing the Ipswich and Brisbane areas. Providing a great office cleaning service. Along with Health centre cleaning, child care cleaning, gym cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and even mowing (think outdoor cleaning).

This is just a brief outline of the many commercial cleaning situations we find ourselves undertaking.

Who is NRE?

Asking who is NRE though, well this used to cause me issues.

In the past if I was in a corporate situation, I often wanted to give the impression we were bigger than what we were. Maybe this is what these clients wanted? The security of a bigger business. And so if I looked bigger maybe I could get the business that I was looking for?

The actuality of what we are as humans, often caused embarrassment. For example, when people purchase their car/house/boat (delete as applicable) they will always tell you they got an awesome deal. They will always tell you something that puts them in a better light. They will

family cleaning business
family business

But after several years I have learned to embrace what we are.

We are a family business.

There I said it.

NRE is a business not only run by a family. Its is also a business that treats its staff like family, enjoying the highs and lows together. Our clients are provided the same standards that we as a family wish to be treated with.

Who is our Family?

Rod and Leanne, run the business. Our business name comes from our three children:

N – Noah, who works in the business. Noah, is known as Liv. The business name could not be changed to suit.

R – Reuben, who is an apprentice diesel mechanic, but who works when needed

E – Elijah, again an apprentice diesel mechanic who again works when needed

We are Family.

So what does it mean to be a family business? Well here are a few of my observations (I could come up with many more but I don’t want to bore you).

  1. We do everything for any client to the very best of our abilities.  They have put their trust in us, and we would never do anything to break that trust or knowingly jeopardise our relationship. The client is part of our family.
  2. When we are busy, the whole family mucks in. When the children were at school, used to come home, get changed and come out and work. Now they are older and working, they show the same desire to help the business out – albeit with a little less enthusiasm!
  3. Complaints hurt the whole NRE family, both immediate family and staff. If we hear we may have not quite reached the promised standards or requirements, then as a family we will do our utmost to rectify the problems.
  4. When we have a win, the whole family rejoices. These small victories are a real boost, even for the youngest members of the family, to the oldest and longest serving staff members. They all appreciate the work that goes into growing and sustaining a business. When we take on new clients, or get a great review or thank you email from an existing client, what they are saying is the NRE family, rather than the individual has been successful.

Don’t be afraid to join the family

These are just a few of the challenges, and triumphs that running a family business brings. We are so grateful to all our clients who have put their trust in us. In many ways, you’ve become part of the greater NRE Family. And you even get donuts…

If you too would like to be a part of this awesome family, although I cannot guarantee that you’ll have Reuben and Elijah on your cleaning runs, then contact NRE Cleaning Services and learn how great it is to be part of a family business.

Keep your business clean. Book NRE today.

Leave your office or commercial building in our hands. The NRE Cleaning team will keep it healthy and spotless – it’s what we do best.