tissue paper roll run out with the full role carelessly placed on top

Four pieces of office cleaning advice and what to do with toilet roll

Looking for advice?

Very often people ask me for office cleaning advice, here are four pieces of advice on how to keep and office clean. As well as reducing the amount of wastage found with unused toilet rolls

The advice can range from how to get rid of smells, how to remove marks from walls and floors. Or how can we ensure the highest standards of cleaning are always met.

I cannot answer all questions asked. But here are three serious and one not so serious way of keeping ahead of cleanliness, waste and even recycling concerns in the office

1. Keep the floor clean

One of the basic ways of keeping the office clean is regular vacuuming or carpeted areas and vacuuming and mopping of hard floors.

But if you are not having daily or bi-weekly cleans, then the office floor can very quickly look dirty.

One way around this is to install floor mats at every entrance point, or food preparation area. These not only look good but can hold a lot of dirt in them and ensure it is not tracked around the office.

Please do not neglect to have these cleaned on a regular basis though. They can be often dirtier than the floor they are supposed to be protecting and that does not include the health hazard of having a floor matt full of food and drink waste

The mats can even be embossed with your companies’ logos, so not only keeping the place clean but looking pretty cool also

2. How many????

Bins for waste are an essential item in the workplace, but too many and underused ones are a complete overkill

I have lost count how many times I have been in an office, changed 30 – 40 bins. And most of them only containing pieces of chewing gum, or one tea bag (and small offices are just as bad, just fewer bins)

Greenpeace found that 9.7 billion single-use plastic bags were used annually in Australia. Now I would have to admit that most of these were carrier bags in the supermarkets, but many were plastic bin liners as well

What is the answer? Recyclable bin liners can be an answer if you are happy to pay for them. Alternatively, how about reducing the number of bins you have and replace them with one bin in a central location.

Very often this will encourage people to think about their waste. And it can now be filled with 30 peoples chewing gum or teabags and not just one person.

3. Unloved rolls

This may not seem like an obvious one for the four pieces of office cleaning advice. But the toilet is a major player in keeping people happy in the office. Dirty and smelly and you will know about very quickly.

But here we’re looking at the humble toilet roll.

Four pieces of office cleaning advice
Leftover rolls

Toilet roll is a necessity, I would not advocate the stones and bits of clay approach. But here is another area of waste that we often get asked about

What do we do with those left-over bits of toilet roll? The customer doesn’t want to run out of the roll, between cleaning visits, so a new roll is always fitted.

They are faced with the learning tower of half-used toilet rolls, precariously balanced on the cistern, that threatens to engulf all who enter the cubicle…..or they just get thrown out

There are several answers to this one, train your staff to change toilet rolls. It’s not that hard, maybe a little fiddly, but they will be giving the workplace and the environment a helping hand as all the paper is used

The other option is to fit a double toilet roll holder, these should last between visits, and ensure that the roll is finished before the next one started

4. Not recommended

Alternatively, you can lock the toilets, and when a staff member wants to visit them, supply them with the key and two bits of paper……then they’ll never waste any paper again!!!

Ask away

Hopefully, this has answered a few questions and given you four pieces of office cleaning advice. Also given a few pointers on how to be a little friendlier to the environment

If you have any other questions or queries just give me a shout on and I’ll be more than happy to help…..or give you your two pieces of paperfour pieces of office cleaning advice

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