ciros italian Auchenflower pasta in a white plate with fork and table towel

Pizza and pasta – the dinner (and brekkie) of champions

It has been a while since NRE has delivered a food review, especially during lockdown when the eating out option was not readily available. Now things are lifting, I can once again sample the gastronomic delights that Brisbane has to offer – great for me and for you dear reader!

This blog brings me to a fantastic little restaurant and takeaway just off Milton Road in Auchenflower. For many months I’ve driven past its open doors and was pleased to see that it stayed open until 10pm – ideal for nightshifters! So, one evening, after a long day of cleaning and sorting problems out, I ventured inside Ciro’s Italian Restaurant and was met with a clean table, a quaint atmosphere, fantastic tasting food and a menu is littered with mouth-watering choices from pizza to pasta and even steak and parmies for those not wanting to go too exotic.

This evening I plumped for a starter of garlic Focaccia with cheese – a great start to a meal that got better and better. The cheese and garlic was just enough and not too overpowering,  the bread so pliable and soft as you broke it up.

After such a great starter I then moved onto a ham and pineapple pizza and a bowl of carbonara. Its was at this point that I realised I had over faced my self, but I gave it a good go!!! I know ham and pineapple pizza is the choice that divides a nation, but it’s been my go-to pizza ever since I first tasted it, over 30 years ago in my home town in the UK. This one came closest to those heady days of my youth. Every mouth full was a delight, but alas, if I was to eat my Carbonara I would have to leave some.

So, I dived in (not literally – sadly) to the most superb dish of creamy pasta, cheese and bacon – all of which combined into a fantastic experience for my taste buds (they were loving me tonight!). Sadly for them, though, even doing my very best, I couldn’t finish the meal.  Pizza and pasta packed in a take home box, I was happy, knowing I was waking up to the brekkie of champions in the morning.

The price was about average, but for dinner AND breakfast it was a total bargain. The only downside: my table was on such a slope, I felt like I was in a Monty Python sketch as I fought to keep drinks and food from slipping off. The upside –  all the exercise counteracted some of the calories, for a total pizza and pasta win.

So, if you looking for some fantastic food you can’t go past Ciro’s of Milton Road in Brisbane, table slides optional.

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