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The smelly office toilet

The problem

You can have the happiest office in the world, but if you have the dreaded smelly office toilet, all that happiness can be lost.

We find that without a regular commercial cleaning service, the employees are tasked with cleaning the office. Tasks such as emptying bins, cleaning the kitchen and the dreaded task of cleaning the toilets. Many employees do not appreciate these extra tasks.

After all, the average office employee did not apply for a job at your great company, just so they could empty the bins and clean the toilets. It is also not the most productive way to utilise the skills they have been employed for (unless commercial cleaning was in their job description).

And for many, the one thing that tips them over the edge is the toilets. Not just the wiping of surfaces, or the changing the paper, but the smell. Where is that smell coming from?

The source

There can be a couple of sources of smells in the toilets.

Obviously, the toilet itself, from the bowls and the seats. The seals on the waste pipes can also be an issue, especially if left over time.

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The drains in the floors and the ventilation can all be areas that smells can be created or not be allowed to escape an area.

There is nothing worse than having your solitude for the day, being interrupted by an overpowering smell of what can only be described as fermenting faeces. Or maybe that Is the plan so staff do not spend so long in there?

Usually, the smell is OK as long as it is confined to the toilet, but if every time the door opens the whiff wafts its way around the office then there is a problem to be solved

The fix

Often drains smell because not enough water goes down them during the day. The water trap that stops the smell coming back up is not replenished with clean water often enough. This allows the trapped water to take on the smells or even trap the smells in between the trap and your drain.

Or the drain could be blocked with a build-up of waste. This can be resolved with the various drain clean chemicals that you can get from hardware stores. Follow the instructions, and never mix these chemicals as you can create some very nasty gas clouds.

If this does not solve the problem, then call in the plumber and they will be able to quickly sort out the issue for you. They will also be able to help you with the seals at the back of the toilet it these are the issues.

To further remove any odours, good ventilation is vital. If this is a fan system, make sure it does actually work, rather than just make a noise. Ensure the grill on the fan is clean so as to allow the maximum airflow through it. Check the outlet is not blocked at all, there is no point the fan moving the smell out of the toilet if it cannot move it out of the building.

If you don’t have a fan then there are nervous smelling devices that can mask the odour. But remember all they are doing is masking the problem not fixing it

Environmental toilet bowl cleaning

If the toilet is dirty in the bowl, then a bleach-based chemical can work. But why not try an environmentally friendly approach

  1. Regular cleaning with a brush will remove many of the smelly deposits. This removes the build-up which is the breeding ground for all the stuff you don’t want.
  2. Every so often apply baking soda, as this abrasive helps scrub the porcelain without scratching it
  3. Baking soda, sprayed with vinegar can remove stains. If left to sit for a while before scrubbing
  4. A few drops of tea tree oil or lemon dripped into the bowl and left to sit help eliminate the odours


Regular cleaning is vital. If the toilet is left dirty, or the bugs are allowed to flourish, then you can be sure the smell will follow.

My tips for a sweet smelling toilet

  1. Regular cleaning – and we can certainly help you with that
  2. Unblocked drains – checking by a plumbing professional is vital
  3. Good working equipment – seats OK. bowls flushing properly. pipework in good working order
  4. Ventilation – fresh air is the quickest and cheapest way to keep on top of smells

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