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More songs to help you clean

Where to find your music

2 years ago, I wrote a blog about songs to help you clean.

The list included a range of tunes that I found helped me chill out as I went around cleaning the offices of Brisbane town.

Since then quite a lot has happened in the business and I found myself out and about less and less often. But I found that I missed being at the coal face. That soothing experience of wandering the streets of our fair city on a night, listen to my favourite tunes as I carried out my cleaning duties.

There have been a few changes since 2016 and my listening habits. Pandora pulled out of Australia. Now I liked Pandora, the fact that it would shuffle play across its entire catalogue, made for interesting mixes. It was easy to use and rarely crashed.

This meant I had to return to the music on my phone. Which I promptly lost when I forgot to back up to the cloud, and the phone died after being dropped for the fiftieth time.

This left me with Spotify. Not a big fan and the premium doesn’t seem to be much better.

It reminds me of Netflix Australia, which has the same name as the American one, but not the same choice, and a tiny library. But what else is there out there, if anyone can inform me of another option that would be great

Anyway, here are my current 10 favourite songs in no particular order.

I will warn you they are not all current songs, and I do not own any of the videos, they are just linked from Youtube. But they are Just songs that I enjoy listening to when wiping desks, emptying overflowing bins or cleaning welded on faeces from some toilet, that someone couldn’t be bothered/was too beneath them/too lazy to do after they had tried pebble dashing the porcelain.

More songs to help you clean

  1. Uptown funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars.

This is a great song, and especially the video. I wish I could dance half as good as Bruno Mars, but the funky soundtrack even makes the most dancing aversive person think they can have a go

  1. You can call me Al – Paul Simon

I always think this is a ‘midlife crisis’ song, but I am lead to believe it isn’t. But I do love the bass running through the song and especially the solo at 3.44. This video with Chevy Chase is also a lot of fun (is Chevy tall or Paul very small?)

  1. These are the days of our lives – Queen

Lyrically a haunting song as someone hankers back to the time when things seemed so much better in life. Musically as per usual a guitar solo from Brian May, but not one that overpowers the song, but adds to its poignancy. And with the condition of Freddie Mercury in the video, it all adds up to a great song.

  1. When love comes to town – U2 and BB King

This was the song that got me into the blues. Even though I was a big U2 fan, BB King was on a higher level. And if you listen to some of BB’s songs on his own you will see what a great songwriter and awesome guitarist he was

  1. The wanderer – U2 and Johnny Cash

And this was the song that introduced me to my lifelong love of anything Johnny Cash. A song that was so different from anything on the album Zooropa. But for me, this is the best song. Heavy religious overtones, as many of Cash’s songs, were a great bass line and the superb gravelly voice of Cash. I love the line I went out for the papers, told her I’d be home by noon…. Don’t know why just do?

  1. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia

Great song, one that really reaches a great crescendo (as all dance music should). But then brings it back down just as quick. Sia’s vocals help bring this tune alive. It’s a great one in the early hours to get the blood flowing as you empty the seemingly 200th bin. I love this video as well

  1. Lonely boy – The Black Keys

This is a great song, but to be honest I find the video the best. Shot in one take, with a single camera….just makes you want to move

  1. Lord I feel like going home – Notting hillbillies

In 1986 with a few mates Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), formed the Notting Hillbillies with a few mates who were amazing musicians. The one and only album that followed missing presumed innocent is my favourite album of all time. Musically and lyrically I cannot fault it. Although the slowness of some of the songs means this a great ending work chill out album as opposed to a start work fire up song.

This song is perhaps not the most uplifting of songs, and very dark, but I still love it

  1. Angels – Robbie Williams

A song that reminds me of another lifetime

  1. Song 2 – Blur

Nice short song to get the blood flowing before a night shift. The song is 2 minutes, 2 seconds long and reached number 2 on the UK charts


Obviously, this list changes each and every night depending on moods, the weather, lunar cycles. But each of them stands up in and of their own right

Let me know what you think by filling in the details below



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