man wearing headset and dancing to the beat while holding a mop

Songs to clean by


Now cleaning is not the most exciting of tasks, and it can get a little monotonous. That job that you have been putting off for so long, seems so big….But today is the day you have decided to GET IT DONE!!!!

So you’re dressed for the task, you have your equipment, you’ve set some time aside…..but the motivation is still not at the level it should be….What can you do?

The best help I have found in this situation is music.

Music can make most situations feel better, it can take you away from that mundane task and take you back to a moment in time when the windows, didn’t need cleaning, the carpet didn’t required vacuuming or the blinds where always clean. It can take you back to the summer holiday of your youth, to your first dance, your first kiss, to the time your first saw your children….anywhere you want it to take you.


So here is a list of ten songs that I am currently listening to. (these can change from week to week),

  1. Sounds of silence – Disturbed

Disturbed’s re-release of this song and David Draiman’s voice on this recording really adds to the angst and emotion that the lyrics portray.


  1. The River – Bruce Springsteen

Probably my favourite artist of all time, and this song sums up the working class songs that Springsteen is famous for.


  1. Hurt – Johnny Cash

One of Cash’s best songs (a cover of a nine inch nails song), recorded very close to the end of his life, with a very poignant video. If you read his autobiography a better understanding of the lyrics and video will be found


  1. I just died in your arms tonight – Cutting Crew

A song that brings back memories of summer holidays in the UK as a child. Singing this song with my cousin in the back of the car


  1. Hysteria (the whole album) – Def Lepard

My very first favourite band….and I think first album I bought (on cassette tape!!!)


  1. Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd

Any song with a 16 minute intro is good in my book, but again a great song, both musically and vocally. This song has a great back story, written about their old band member Syd Barret.


  1. Sabotage – Beasty Boys



  1. Jerusalem – William Blake

For any pommie a real hart back to the land we came from


  1. Down under – Men at work

The anthem of my adopted country


  1. Lose yourself – Eminem

Not a massive fan of rap or hip hop, but Eminem has always been a guilty pleasure and the beat in this song is good to pass the time when things start to drag


So whatever is your choice….put on the tunes, slip into another time and the cleaning will just fly by



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