pizza with cheese

When not office cleaning in Brisbane

Hot dogs and clogs

When we are not office cleaning in Brisbane, we are out looking for the great eating places this awesome city has to offer.

Alongside me once again is “Dorothy”, not on account of his ruby slippers, but his size 13 red clogs.

These clogs are not to be clicked together to return home but are to be placed forever on the shelf as a testament to crimes against fashion…. Anyone who was at the will know who I mean.

Today we are going to the pop up hot dog stand located on Doggett Street in Newstead.

All looked good when we arrived, large crowd, all seeming to be enjoying the food. Prices looked great, dogs starting at $10 with a great range of add on’s.

The only problem was when we got to the front of the queue, the last one was sold. Next time…

Or Italian

So what were we to do, but start walking? On our way, we found Gianni’s Kitchen. I love Italian food, so this seemed like a great alternative to hot dogs.

On arrival, we were met by Mat (I remembered this time to ask for a name), who sounded Italian without an Italian sounding name, but who quickly ushered us to a great table out the front.

Even at street level, there was little noise and a great location

We first ordered a wine, or should I say Dorothy did. He seemed to know what he was doing.

I do like wine, but not au fait with the intricacies of wine drinking. I smelled it, smelt like red wine, and tasted it tasted like red wine with a fruity aftertaste. Was informed it was a Chianti, tasted fine to me.

Great Brisbane gnocchi

Why not pizza?

I then ordered the mains, I went for the recommended gnocchi Alla Sorrentino, thanks to Mat. Dorothy went for a parma ham pizza.

(I never go for pizza in Italian restaurants, because I always feel I’m cheating myself out of a good meal. Pizza seems such an easy meal to make, even kids a

t Dominos can make them, so I like to give the chef a bit more of a challenge. Unless someone wants to prove me wrong with a great Italian pizza then I stand by my weird assumptions.)

At this point a lot of the talking was suspended due to the delicious food before us, great quantities as well.

The gnocchi was really good. It was nice and light, the sauce that came with it was not overpowering and it was salted to perfection.

Quickly the plates were polished off, and thoughts turned to desert. I had spied someone on the opposite table eating a great gelato. Now I love ice cream and the temptation was too great not to ask for the dessert menu.

mmmh Dessert

What a menu it is, an excellent choice of many of the Italian dessert favourites. And there was crème Brulee. If there is anything that’ll turn me away from ice cream, then this is it.

We both ordered the Brulee, excellent crust, not too thick and smooth and creamy underneath.

This was one meal we both enjoyed.

Creamy goodness

There were a couple of drawbacks.

Matt and seemingly everyone else disappeared when it came time to pay our bill. I suppose we could have done a runner, but due to Dorothy’s clog injuries that was never on the cards. But it did take a bit of poking around before we found someone.

It was my turn to pay, so it was more expensive than the last eatery we both went. Certainly, more than $10 hot dogs.

I forgot about my wedding anniversary, and the fact I had arranged to take Leanne out for a meal to celebrate. So had to disguise the fact that I had eaten earlier and enjoy another meal out in Brisbane. One that I’ll report on at another time


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