The Cleaner – Eating out in Brisbane

eating out in Brisbane
Lamb meatballs

I love eating out in Brisbane

Eating out in Brisbane is my favourite pastime. So it was suggested I write about it.

This blog has nothing to do with cleaning per se but is to do with cleaning plates. One thing I am good at, along with cleaning, is eating. The increasing number of holes on my belt buckle will attest to this. So what I thought I would do is present a blog in regards to eating in

some of the wonderful eateries we have here in and around Brisbane.

This first episode brings us to The Block House Coffee + Eats in Nundah.

The location

This is a quaint place, nestled in some leafy streets and according to Google has 4.3 stars from 170 reviews so was a great place to start

My gastronomic partner, for this trip, we shall call Dorothy. So his wife does not find out why he doesn’t want the dinner she has lovingly prepared for him.

We were seated in a little alleyway that serves as an overflow area when the two indoor areas are busy. This arrangement is great, located in very old looking buildings, well presented, with small shops leading up the alley.

The only issue….one of the shops is a beautician and you get an overpowering smell of acetone or shellac every time the doors opens. if you’re OK with this, then this area is for you.

If not, I’d sit inside or out the front.

Mmmh coffee and a menu

First up we ordered the coffee. And I had my first experience of a white cold drip coffee. Well, I can say the future is here, why has it taken me so long to try the cold drip.

If you haven’t tried it before I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Whilst drinking this the waitress, who I must say I completely forgot to get her name…. came up and asked for our orders.

The menu is not a large one, but everything on it looks very appetising. Even if I had to have things such as Okonomiyaki waffles (Japanese), or twice-cooked duck (why does it need cooking twice, isn’t once good enough), or even savoury semolina (thought it was a desert) explained to me.  All were there, but the waitress (whose name I did not get), recommended Moroccan lamb meatballs, with a sauce of pesto and Greek yoghurt and Dorothy, had the semolina thing.

We did not have to wait too long, although there was a few opening and closing of the beauticians’ door before our meals arrived

Cleaning the plate

The meal was excellent, mine arrived in the obligatory small pan on the now-standard wooden board (saves having to wash the plates up). There was enough sauce to dip the meatballs and the correct amount of sauce left for me to mop up with the flatbread provided. The meatballs were cooked excellently, not dry at all and full of amazing flavours ……. a candidate for a clean plate

After the meal, we finished off with cold drip black coffee, which too is honest did keep me awake until 3 am, but was worth it. I did wonder why there was the need to provide the coffee in the kind of scientific measuring beakers that I used to use at school, but this maybe goes hand in hand with replacing plates with wooden boards???

All in all an excellent meal, great staff (although I forgot her name), and all at a reasonable price….Dorothy paid

Check out their Facebook page….they also do some great looking cocktails

Keep an eye out for our next edition as I find more places for eating out in Brisbane.

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